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 With the dawn of 2016 comes a new series: The Perfect Search team member spotlight! Every month you can get the inside scoop on our team, our company culture, and our thoughts on digital marketing. For our first installment, we’re talking to Anthony Lower, Senior Manager of Search & Social Advertising. Read on to find out Anthony’s PPC advice, top Perfect Search memories, and what video game he’s currently hooked on. 


1) What’s your favorite part of your job? 

As weird as it sounds, I love writing Excel formulas. There is something oddly satisfying about writing a multi-part function that works perfectly on the first try and cleans the spreadsheet exactly as you need it. Interested in 5 game-changing Excel formulas? Look no further. If this still isn’t enough Excel for you, check out Quinn’s post on 5 pivot table pointers. 
2) How has digital marketing changed since you started at Perfect Search?
There have been so many changes that it’s hard to narrow it down. I would say the 3 main changes have been: 1) the shift in traffic from desktop to mobile, 2) the importance of leveraging social media as a paid channel, and 3) the general changes in ad formats. Facebook has been moving more and more towards high quality images and videos, Bing is allowing you to include images in their search ads, and Google is always rolling out new extensions to enhance your ads.
3) If you could impart one piece of earth-shattering PPC advice, what would it be?
Think small to tackle big problems. The only way you will ever be able to improve an account’s performance is by understanding the account on the simplest level and working up from there. I actually wrote an excellent blog post a little while ago. Check it out here. 
4) What are your top 3 Perfect Search memories?
It’s tough to pick just 3 moments, but in no particular order I am going to go with…
a. Startup Wars III and trolling the Bonfyre app feed with this photo: 
b. The office ping-pong tournament that took an entire week because we did a 10-member round robin to figure out seeding.
c. All of our Thursday meetings that end up becoming intense games of Catch Phrase.
5) What are three hobbies you currently do in your free time? What are three dream hobbies you’d like to take up?
My three current hobbies are biking (weather permitting, which can seem like only a couple of months sometimes in Chicago), playing video games (I am battling a dangerous Fallout 4 addiction right now), and watching TV & movies. I’ve seen pretty much everything–trust me. 
A couple of hobbies that I want to pick up are basketball (unfortunately, my jump shot is terribly broken right now),  photography, and woodworking. The thought of being able to create something tangible seems really cool.
To learn more about Anthony, click here. You can discover his guilty pleasure and his blog posts. Interested in joining the Perfect Search team (and of one day starring in your very own spotlight)? Check out our career openings here. 

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