10 Tips for Making The Best Healthcare Ads

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Chad G. Peterson
May 10, 2024

Starting digital advertising for your wellness business is an exciting step, but it requires careful planning to create the best healthcare ads. Breaking through the surplus of advertisements and leaving a lasting impression is a significant challenge. 

This blog is your go-to guide, providing the top practices for standing out and gaining attention. By implementing these tips, you’ll maximize the reach and impact of your campaigns and establish a strong foundation for long-term success.

1. Choose the right visuals

Selecting the perfect visual is the cornerstone of crafting a compelling healthcare advertisement. Choose an image that captures attention and resonates deeply with your audience’s aspirations. Instead of portraying pain or suffering, focus on scenes that inspire viewers with the promise of positive outcomes. Whether it’s a family enjoying a picnic, friends hiking, or individuals engaged in sports, the visuals should exude optimism and possibility.  

For example, this ad features happy, active individuals immersed in outdoor activities. It encourages a sense of vitality and well-being despite their need for care.

2. Use precise ad copy language

When crafting the best healthcare ads, prioritize audience desires in the copy. By emphasizing benefits and outcomes, you align your message with their needs and preferences rather than their fears or conditions.

Use language that vividly shows the positive impact of your healthcare solution. Avoid terms like suffering, pain, symptoms, and problems. Opt for words like results, benefits, wellness, transform, and thrive.

For example, Zepp Clarity’s ad reframed its text around solutions. It emphasized reconnecting with loved ones through improved hearing rather than dwelling on the limitations. This approach resonates with audiences’ desires.

3. Plan for seasonal fluctuations

Seasonal planning improves effectiveness by aligning the ad with peak periods of interest. Advertisers tailor their strategies to increase ad relevance and performance by understanding yearly patterns in search behavior. For example, flu-related searches spike in winter, while allergy treatment searches peak in spring.

AAD (American Academy of Dermatology) exemplifies this by strategically leveraging seasonal content to drive results. This approach resulted in an impressive 84 percent increase in free organic post shares. Further, AAD experienced a 50 percent decrease in the cost per search.

Here is an excellent example of how a dentistry office capitalized on Halloween to address relevant health concerns—increased sugar intake and cavity risks. It demonstrates awareness of seasonal issues while reinforcing their commitment to promoting oral health.

4. Apply strategic keyword selection

Selecting relevant healthcare keywords is critical for maximizing ad visibility and effectively targeting the right audience. Identify terms that accurately represent your healthcare solution and align with what your audience is searching for. 

Consider including keywords related to specific conditions, treatments, or services offered and location-based, if applicable. Refine your keyword choices by analyzing competitors and industry trends based on search volume, competition, and relevance. 

This thoughtful approach increases the likelihood of your best healthcare ads appearing in relevant search results, attracting qualified leads, and driving engagement with your offerings. Remember to adjust your plan regularly for optimal performance.

5. Build trust

Building trust in healthcare advertising establishes credibility and strengthens your audience’s connection. Highlighting your professionals’ expertise and your organization’s credibility is crucial. There are several proven ways to build trust. 

Incorporating testimonials and reviews provides social proof of your reliability. Offering educational content helps patients make informed decisions. Transparently sharing information about services, pricing, and policies builds confidence.

For instance, Emirates Hospital strategically leveraged a Google review from a satisfied customer to enhance trust. Over 70 percent of consumers rely on online reviews, particularly those on Google, so authentic testimonials are crucial in attracting new clientele.

6. Implement a mobile-friendly website

Optimizing your website for mobile devices has become increasingly essential as more people browse on their phones. The surge in mobile user activity, exceeding desktop visits by 313 percent in 2023, underscores the importance of prioritizing its optimization. A mobile-friendly website loads quickly, offers intuitive navigation, and seamlessly adapts to various screen sizes. 

Enhancing accessibility and engagement for mobile users creates a seamless browsing experience that builds stronger connections with your audience. Therefore, investing in optimization is necessary to stay relevant and competitive.

7. Use clever knowledge gaps

Spark curiosity in your digital healthcare advertising by leaving gaps in knowledge. Rather than providing all the answers upfront, tease your audience with intriguing information or questions that pique their interest. This tactic encourages them to seek more information, engage further with your content, and ultimately lead to a deeper understanding of your solution. 

For example, the Penn Medicine ad captivates curiosity with its statement: “One day could add years to your life.” Withholding what that one day entails prompts further exploration, inviting the consumer to discover more about the service or program offered.

8. Adhere to regulations

In healthcare advertising, you must adhere to strict regulatory guidelines to prevent restricted or blocked ads. These guidelines extend to compliance with laws and regulations set by authoritative bodies like the FDA or FTC.

Avoid misleading claims, provide accurate information, and disclose any risks or limitations associated with your healthcare products or services. By following regulatory guidelines, you uphold confidence, credibility, and integrity in your advertising practices, safeguarding your audience and reputation.

9. Ride the bandwagon

Harnessing the bandwagon effect and social acceptance in healthcare advertising is a powerful tactic. You emphasize widespread acceptance and satisfaction by showcasing testimonials from satisfied patients, endorsements from healthcare professionals, and user-generated content—compelling others to join.

Oral-B successfully employs the bandwagon effect in its marketing with the statement, “Over a million Australians have already tried Oral-B toothpaste.” This statement creates social acceptance and encourages potential customers to join the millions benefiting from the product.

10. Reiterate the key message

Where should your most important message go? If you said the beginning of the advertisement, you’re right! If you said the end of the ad, you are also correct. That’s because of the Primacy and Recency Effect

By featuring your key point at the start, you immediately capture attention and convey your primary value proposition. Reinforcing this message at the end ensures its importance resonates and sticks with your audience. This repetition enhances recall and leaves a lasting impression.


These steps, ranging from precise ad copy language to visual selection, regulation adherence, and seasonal planning, form the groundwork for creating the best healthcare ads.

Other key strategies include leveraging social proof and the bandwagon effect to boost credibility and engagement, mobile optimization, and sparking curiosity through knowledge gaps to increase engagement. Following these best practices helps healthcare marketers create impactful campaigns that resonate with their audience and drive meaningful results.

But it’s easier said than done. Partnering with Perfect Search Media ensures that all of these tips are seamlessly implemented and remain current with the latest digital trends.

Contact Perfect Search to leverage our expertise and revolutionize your digital healthcare advertisements today! 

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