Ajay Pattani

CEO & Founder

Ajay is the Founder & CEO of Perfect Search. He’s passionate about digital marketing, traveling, and talking up the benefits of merino wool. Ajay is personally and professionally driven by his four pillars of happiness: gratitude, friendship and family, to do more and experience more, and to help others.

Scaling Your Personal Life

2014 was an amazing year of growth and learning for me and the Perfect Search team. I’ve become a happier person, which I’ve been able to achieve more by mindset and less by action.

People are the Product

In a recent company meeting, our entire team completed a shortened version of the Myers Briggs test.  The purpose of the test is to make the theory of psychological types understandable and useful in people’s lives.  Certain people in my life have recommended using this as an evaluation in …

The Difficulties of Call Tracking

I’ll preface this with the fact that I am not an expert when it comes to call tracking.  More recently, many of our clients and our team have been really interested in figuring this out. We’ve been testing providers, we’ve tried manually using numbers on landing pages and we’ve even lost an …

KPIs in E-Commerce

E-Commerce can be challenging…and this is an understatement.  I’m lucky enough to have ended up in search engine marketing, a move that happened at the beginning of my career by chance, and I firmly believe that the skills one learns as a search engine marketer help build the strongest foundation …

How to Think Like a Search Engine Marketer – All of the Time

Let’s say you spend three years slaving away at law school.  It’s okay if after all of that you don’t practice law; you’ll still learn how to think like a lawyer.  While this may be helpful, I think it’s better to think like a search engine marketer.  Having graduated law school only to have my …

Models of Service in Digital Marketing

It can be difficult to trust an agency as much as your in-house team…that is until your in-house team leaves you.  But maybe the agency works harder at recruiting, training, and retaining than you.  Or maybe you’re right and the agency doesn’t manage your expectations and over promises and under …

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