Ajay Pattani

CEO & Founder

Ajay is the Founder & CEO of Perfect Search. He’s passionate about digital marketing, traveling, and talking up the benefits of merino wool. Ajay is personally and professionally driven by his four pillars of happiness: gratitude, friendship and family, to do more and experience more, and to help others.

Seizure the Day: Embrace Your Vulnerability

We had just settled in at the office of one of our large New York clients for a day of meetings when someone asked if I remembered the room we were sitting in. I looked around, confused – the room seemed normal enough, and I couldn’t differentiate it from any of the other countless conference …

Accepting Challenges as An Entrepreneur

In the summer of 2007, I was hired by a FansEdge.com, a sports merchandise retailer, to manage their Google Adwords account.  I couldn’t have imagined that within 3 years I would be promoted to head of all advertising while simultaneously launching my own company, Perfect Search. Yet, there I was …

Reasons Leaders Disagree

In 2019, Perfect Search grew to new levels of revenue, survived a client’s bankruptcy, and leadership turnover. I learned more that year than in my previous ten years of entrepreneurship and leadership.

A Message from Perfect Search Concerning COVID-19

We first want to begin by extending our warmest well wishes as we all do our best to get through this difficult time. Perfect Search recently celebrated our 10 year anniversary and this has allowed for significant reflection about what really matters. The safety of our community (our team, …

An Entrepreneur’s Life Lessons: Today Was a Good Day

Entrepreneurship can be unpredictable. My quote to describe it is, “running a business is like my sense of fashion in that each year I look back at the last and wonder…what I was thinking.”

Forming Positive Habits in Your Personal & Professional Life

Bad habits are hard to break—and good habits can be even harder to form. Every year, I try to develop new positive habits to improve my lifestyle.

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