Shooting for Success: BEEFing Up Your Marketing Reporting Calls

Growing up in the Hoosier State, basketball was an inevitable force in my life. Summer after summer I attended Cager Camp—a youth basketball camp that taught the fundamentals. Week upon week we ran, we dribbled, we defended, and we shot.

We shot, and we shot, and we shot.

Your (Mostly) Ultimate Guide to Food Delivery Apps

Open your fridge and only see condiments with questionable expiration dates? Get food delivered. It’s a rainy day and you won’t dare leave your apartment? Get food delivered. Hitting a wall at work and need a lunchtime pick-me-up? Get food delivered. There’s an easy answer to all of these …

Keeping Up With the Coworkers: 4 Easy Ways to Stay Updated On Your Industry

If you are looking to improve your search engine rankings or website traffic, do not hire me. (But do hire my awesome team!) As the Manager of Employee Engagement, my clients are internal—they’re my teammates—and my role revolves around making their day-to-day lives better by doing things like …

Team Member Spotlight: Laura Cain

Get ready to develop your knowledge of business development and the kickball team with the best name (and potentially the worst performance). In this month’s Perfect Search team member spotlight, we’re focusing on our Senior Manager of Business Operations, Laura Cain.

4 Articles that Demonstrate Our Obsession with the Millennial Workplace

Millennials. I figure by starting this post with this buzzword, people will be hooked. After all, I’ll click on pretty much any headline that includes the word “millennial”—even if the rational part of my brain knows that it’s clickbait and I’ll have to click through approximately seventy-six …

Team Member Spotlight: David Feldbaum

Eager to learn more about a day in the life of a Perfect Search SEO & Search Advertising Analyst? You’re in luck. This month, we’re talking to David Feldbaum, Perfect Search’s very own expert in flexibility. He’s both literally flexible (aren’t you in awe of the …

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