Team Member Spotlight: Justin McIntyre

Ever wondered what it’d be like to do digital marketing for *any* client in the world (or outside this world)? Our Director of SEO & Content Justin has. And he has a pretty magical answer. Find out what he says—and what he thinks of SEO in 2016—in our team member spotlight.

Team Member Spotlight: Eric Yarnik

Have you ever wondered how you’d explain your job to your great-great-great grandparents? If you’re a Senior Manager of Search and Social Advertising like, say, the Perfect Search Senior Manager of Search and Social Advertising Eric, you might have a tough time. Find out how he described his job, …

Perfect Search Media Internviews: Spring 2016

Finally. It’s springtime. And you know what that means. No, not finally venturing outdoors for more than twenty minutes for the first time in months. Although, yes, that’s pretty great, too. With the new season comes a new installment of the “internviews.” You know, intern interviews.

Team Member Spotlight: Jessica Barrett

It’s time to engage your brain and learn about the Perfect Search Manager of Employee Engagement, Jessica. Is there anywhere else you can read about company culture, betta fish, and waterbeds in one post? We don’t think so.

Your (Mostly) Ultimate Guide to Food Delivery Apps

Open your fridge and only see condiments with questionable expiration dates? Get food delivered. It’s a rainy day and you won’t dare leave your apartment? Get food delivered. Hitting a wall at work and need a lunchtime pick-me-up? Get food delivered. There’s an easy answer to all of these …

Keeping Up With the Coworkers: 4 Easy Ways to Stay Updated On Your Industry

If you are looking to improve your search engine rankings or website traffic, do not hire me. (But do hire my awesome team!) As the Manager of Employee Engagement, my clients are internal—they’re my teammates—and my role revolves around making their day-to-day lives better by doing things like …

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