Perfect Search Media Internviews: Fall 2015

Drumroll, please. It’s time for the second installment of “internviews!” Like, intern interviews. Or, interviews with our interns. On board? Cool. We interviewed our Search & Social Advertising Junior Analysts, Christina Giusti and Quinn Dolan.

A Very Spooky Halloween Search Engine Story

A spider, a brain, and a ghost walk into a search engine bar. Wait, scratch that. Not yet. A spider, a brain, and a ghost are late to a Halloween party at the Search Engine Bar.

Taking Stock: What the Amazon Exposé Can Teach Us about Company Culture

Since the New York Times exposé on Amazon was published on August 15, there has been a deluge of reaction articles on the exposé and on Amazon’s company culture. It’s possible to get lost in a whole new kind of Amazon. No, I don’t mean an Amazon warehouse, or Amazon’s upcoming sprawling office …

The 5 Best Podcasts Every Tech/Startup/Internet Lover Needs to Listen to

Have you heard? We’re in a golden age right now. Not in general—apparently there are a lot of golden ages. Even pirates have had their time to shine (from 1650-1730, who knew?). Now it’s the time of podcasts. Though podcasts have existed since 2001, their popularity has skyrocketed in the past few …

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