Components of a Successful Marketing Agency Reporting Call

Communication is the most important aspect of working with a marketing agency.

It’s how you ensure you’re not wasting any ad spend and getting the optimal performance from your ad campaigns.

3 Important Insights about the Most Expensive CPC Keywords

Ever wonder what keyword has the most expensive CPC and why? Believe it or not, keyword CPC cost is both industry- and location-specific. WebpageFX and SEMrush worked together to determine the most expensive keywords in Google Adwords. This infographic is incredibly educational for anyone …

What the 4 Most-Funded Kickstarter Campaigns Have in Common

There’s a jacket with 15 features. Yes, you read that right. And no, the zipper doesn’t count as one. The “Swiss army knife of travel jackets” Baubax jacket recently became the most-funded clothing project in the history of crowdfunding. With $9 million raised and almost 45,000 backers, the Baubax …

3 Things to Look for in a Digital Marketing Agency

Life is full of choices. In a typical day, you’re constantly faced with making decisions. These decisions range from the mundane—like what kind of burrito bowl to get for lunch—to the important—like which digital marketing agency to choose—to the very big deal—like which Netflix series to start …

What You Need to Know About Micro-Moments (And How Your Site Can Take Advantage of Them!)

Have you wandered around a new neighborhood and used your phone to find a nearby coffee shop? That’s a micro-moment. Ever lost your umbrella and searched for a new one via smartphone? Again, micro-moment. What about when you just can’t think of the name of American Idol’s first season runner-up, …

The 5 Best Podcasts Every Tech/Startup/Internet Lover Needs to Listen to

Have you heard? We’re in a golden age right now. Not in general—apparently there are a lot of golden ages. Even pirates have had their time to shine (from 1650-1730, who knew?). Now it’s the time of podcasts. Though podcasts have existed since 2001, their popularity has skyrocketed in the past few …

Four Tips on How to Send an Effective Email

It’s 4 PM, and so far I’ve received over thirty emails today. Email is the main form of communication in the business world. According to the Radicati’s email statistics report, there will be over 132 billion emails sent and received per day in 2017.

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