How Author Bios Add E-E-A-T Signals to Blog Posts

Even with impeccable content and strategic SEO, many neglect a powerful boosting strategy: author bios. They’re not just formalities but pivotal assets, often under appreciated. Overlooking author bios diminishes content’s perceived expertise and trustworthiness, leaving potential SEO gains on the table. Let’s uncover the influence of author bios on E-E-A-T and its role in maximizing SEO potential.

Adapting to AI: 17 Tips to Future-Proof Your Writing Career

Between the increasing velocity of chatbot adoption, the confusion about AI’s capacity for quality, and the fear and uncertainty stemming from economic decline—writers are between a rock and a hard place.

Are you a creator who worries about competing with generative AI? Leverage the following tips to future-proof your writing career.

Debunking the Myth of the One-And-Done SEO Project

SEO is a never-ending climb and marketers must stay vigilant with their efforts. Google’s search developers are constantly working on making the metaphorical mountain even bigger by releasing updates several times every year, often shifting the SEO landscape drastically and reimagining how domains and URLs are valued and ranked. If you decide to try and go with the one-and-done SEO approach, you’ll find yourself behind as your optimizations will inevitably become outdated.

Award-Winning Results: Perfect Search Media Celebrates Two AVA Awards in 2023

Perfect Search is truly humbled to be recognized for excellence by the Audio Visual Arts (AVA) Awards! Review the award-winning work that earned us platinum and gold trophies.

ChatGPT for SEO FAQ: Should You Use AI for Creating Content?

Explore the alluring, yet potentially dangerous world of using ChatGPT for SEO content. We discuss the risks of using ChatGPT, review Google’s position, consider limitations, and identify the wisest ways to keep your hats white using AI+SEO. 

14 Digital Marketing Valentines to Fall in Love With

It’s surprisingly easy to come up with digital marketing valentines. So we went for it. Enjoy!

How to NOT Automate Your SEO & PPC with AI

Automation can be a powerful way to save time in SEO and PPC, but it requires human oversight to really be effective. Explore specific areas where automation can be used, like reporting performance metrics, and consider the limitations in this story.

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