The Top Conversion Goals for Association Marketing Leaders

Starting a new marketing position with an association can be intimidating, even for leaders with plenty of experience. Learn more about the conversion goals your marketing plan must cover.

Target Audience: Jennifer Schaff, Director of Marketing and Sales at AMTA

Welcome to another edition of Target Audience, Perfect Search Media’s marketing interview series!  This month, Jennifer Schaff, Director of Marketing and Sales at the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), spoke with us about her industry insights, annoyance at “taking things offline,” and love of classical music.  Jennifer Schaff’s Marketing Insights How did you become the

Team Member Spotlight: Ayesha Goswamy

Meet Ayesha Goswamy, Perfect Search Media’s Search and Social Analyst!

Perfect Search Media Wins Manifest Award

We’re thrilled to announce that Perfect Search Media has been recognized as one of the most well-reviewed Chicago companies of 2021!

I Want to Help, I Promise! A Message from Andrew Frey

Our very own Andrew Frey has a very important message to send your way— and it’s not your run of the mill sales outreach. Take a look!

The Ultimate Content Marketing Checklist (2022)

We’ve decided to put together a series of digital marketing checklists to help you feel unstoppable and, of course, make sure your websites are getting the attention they deserve. Next up: content!

Target Audience: Blake Pinto, Associate Vice President of SEO Content at Synchrony

This month, we spoke to Blake Pinto, Associate Vice President of SEO Content for Synchrony, an industry-leading consumer financial services company.

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