Shooting for Success: BEEFing Up Your Marketing Reporting Calls

To offset the chances of missing those important in-game opportunities after a foul (and to offset the embarrassing taunts of the seemingly prodigal players) the coaches taught us BEEF. It’s a silly acronym that resonated deeply and helped me improve my chances of adding points for the team under the pressure of watchful eyes. 

As I’ve grown, I’ve noticed how BEEF can be applied to so many areas of life, especially work and reporting calls by a marketing team. Let me tell you how.

What Is Programmatic Marketing—and How Can It Supercharge Your ROI?

Programmatic marketing—or using automated bidding and placement to optimize ad spend—is growing in popularity. Learn why it could be a worthwhile investment for your marketing team.

Marketing During a Recession—How to Ride Out an Economic Decline

Don’t make the mistake of cutting important marketing spend during a recession. Position yourself to come out stronger than your competitors. Here’s why driving brand awareness and using top-of-the-funnel marketing is crucial during an economic decline.

Top of Funnel Marketing: Why You Can’t Cut Spend on Ads That Don’t Immediately Convert

Cutting spend to ad campaigns that target earlier stages in the marketing funnel could be a mistake. Here’s why you need to give awareness ads a chance to actually work.

Semantic Search: Why Search Intent Matters for SEO

In the world of SEO, what people search for online matters. To search engines today, though, that’s an understatement. Why? Enter: semantic search. Keep reading to learn more about semantic search, how long it’s been around, and why it still matters today for search engines and SEOs. What Is Semantic Search? Semantic search is all

The 5 Things You Better Be Doing Now in Your Responsive Search Ad Strategy

To put it in the words of the great Hilary Duff, expanded text ads are so yesterday. This makes your RSA strategy especially relevant. Follow these tips and you could make your ads cheaper by the dozen.

An SEO FAQ: The 5 Most Common SEO Questions We Get from Clients

We love SEO—but we understand that not everyone is an expert. Check out these 5 common questions we get a lot from clients.

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