How Author Bios Add E-E-A-T Signals to Blog Posts

Even with impeccable content and strategic SEO, many neglect a powerful boosting strategy: author bios. They’re not just formalities but pivotal assets, often under appreciated. Overlooking author bios diminishes content’s perceived expertise and trustworthiness, leaving potential SEO gains on the table. Let’s uncover the influence of author bios on E-E-A-T and its role in maximizing SEO potential.

New Marketing Leaders: Your 30-60-90 Plan

A 30/60/90-day roadmap is about strategy. In order to make one that sees you through to the end, a few things need to happen. Learn more.

How to Create and Test New Marketing Strategies

Are you giving your decision to try a new marketing strategy enough consideration before diving in? This article poses critical questions to answer to ensure your fresh angle isn’t just a shot in the dark.

How to Evaluate Your Marketing Tech Stack (And Actually Prove Its Value!)

With thousands of martech software available, how do you know if your marketing tech stack is optimized for your team? Here’s our guide to evaluating your marketing technology stack.

What Is Programmatic Marketing—and How Can It Supercharge Your ROI?

Programmatic marketing—or using automated bidding and placement to optimize ad spend—is growing in popularity. Learn why it could be a worthwhile investment for your marketing team.

Marketing During a Recession—How to Ride Out an Economic Decline

Don’t make the mistake of cutting important marketing spend during a recession. Position yourself to come out stronger than your competitors. Here’s why driving brand awareness and using top-of-the-funnel marketing is crucial during an economic decline.

Top of Funnel Marketing: Why You Can’t Cut Spend on Ads That Don’t Immediately Convert

Cutting spend to ad campaigns that target earlier stages in the marketing funnel could be a mistake. Here’s why you need to give awareness ads a chance to actually work.

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