How to Improve Performance Max Ad Campaign Performance

Ready to improve your Performance Max campaign performance? Check out best practices, bidding strategies, and advice on when to bring in external help.

14 Digital Marketing Valentines to Fall in Love With

It’s surprisingly easy to come up with digital marketing valentines. So we went for it. Enjoy!

How to NOT Automate Your SEO & PPC with AI

Automation can be a powerful way to save time in SEO and PPC, but it requires human oversight to really be effective. Explore specific areas where automation can be used, like reporting performance metrics, and consider the limitations in this story.

The Ultimate Technical SEO Checklist

The first step in any complete SEO strategy is improving your technical SEO. This leads to more organic traffic, ranking keywords, and conversions. Learn the most important steps to improve technical SEO in this comprehensive checklist.

Perfect Search Earns Built In’s 2023 Best Places to Work Award

Built In announced that Perfect Search was honored in its 2023 Best Places To Work Awards. Specifically, we earned a place on Chicago’s Best Places to Work list. The annual awards program includes companies of all sizes, from startups to those in the enterprise, and honors both remote-first employers as well as companies in large tech markets across the U.S.

I Want to Help, I Promise! A Message from Andrew Frey

Our very own Andrew Frey has a very important message to send your way—and it’s not your run-of-the-mill sales outreach. Take a look!

Nonprofit Marketing: How to Find Your Target Audience

When you’re a nonprofit organization, your target audience can be hard to find. Never fear—the tips and tricks you need are right here! Learn more about it now.

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