5 Crucial Enrollment Boosting Tips for Higher Education

Higher education marketing presents unique challenges. Learn essential tips on optimizing your campaign and increasing enrollments for your school.

Components of a Successful Marketing Agency Reporting Call

Communication is key to working with a marketing agency, and reporting calls are a great way to review campaign performance and make informed decisions. But how do you know what approach is best for your business? Read on to discover the ideal frequency and length of reporting calls, how to plan extra time for special projects, and the importance of informative and useful dashboards and reports, and more.

LinkedIn Ads Strategy: Effective B2B Lead Generation

LinkedIn is an impressive platform for businesses targeting other businesses due to its company, job title, and industry targeting capabilities, but many marketers are left disappointed by the lack of leads generated through their ad campaigns.

This article explores common mistakes marketers make when targeting their audience on LinkedIn and offers effective strategies to maximize ad campaigns. Don’t miss out on these valuable tips to improve your LinkedIn ad campaign success!

Economic Trends in PPC Competition and Costs per Click

Are you curious how the current economic situation affects online advertising costs and competition? Learn why cutting your ad spend in a downturn can be a mistake and how to take advantage of lower CPCs and less crowded markets in this article.

Adapting to AI: 17 Tips to Future-Proof Your Writing Career

Between the increasing velocity of chatbot adoption, the confusion about AI’s capacity for quality, and the fear and uncertainty stemming from economic decline—writers are between a rock and a hard place.

Are you a creator who worries about competing with generative AI? Leverage the following tips to future-proof your writing career.

Debunking the Myth of the One-And-Done SEO Project

SEO is a never-ending climb and marketers must stay vigilant with their efforts. Google’s search developers are constantly working on making the metaphorical mountain even bigger by releasing updates several times every year, often shifting the SEO landscape drastically and reimagining how domains and URLs are valued and ranked. If you decide to try and go with the one-and-done SEO approach, you’ll find yourself behind as your optimizations will inevitably become outdated.

Award-Winning Results: Perfect Search Media Celebrates Two AVA Awards in 2023

Perfect Search is truly humbled to be recognized for excellence by the Audio Visual Arts (AVA) Awards! Review the award-winning work that earned us platinum and gold trophies.

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