Kayla Hammersmith

Strategic Content Advisor

  • Childhood Dream Job: Dolphin Trainer
  • Dream Vehicle to Drive: Vespa (like from the Mary-Kate and Ashley movie Passport to Paris)
  • Item She Would Want to Sell: Very small props for a mouse doll house — like little artisanal jars of jam or tiny aprons and overalls
  • Wishes She Could Be Friends With: Mrs. Weasley

What’s Project Owl All About?

Project Owl isn’t J.K. Rowling’s latest addition to the Harry Potter universe. (Unfortunately.) It’s Google’s latest effort to improve search quality and reduce the spread of inaccurate or misleading information.

7 AdWords Tips to Help Your Business Save Money & Improve Performance

Sometimes, a small AdWords update can have a huge impact on your search campaigns. Looking for improved efficiency? More conversions? A bigger ROI for your business?

What’s Exactly Going on with the AdWords Exact Match Update?

Paul Hollywood expects the Great British Bake Off contestants to follow the technical challenge instructions *exactly*. (Especially for Bread Week.) He probably wouldn’t put up with the latest update to AdWords exact match. Spoiler alert: Exact match is less exact than it used to be.

4 Tips to Make All Your Work Resolutions Come True in the New Year

It’s time to hit the ground running. Okay, it’s not exactly the very beginning of the New Year—but we all need a little time to get back in the swing of things after the holidays, right? Even if you haven’t made a dent in your other resolutions (exercise is hard–trust me, I get it), it’s not …

Perfect Search Is Now a Google Premier Partner

Big. News. Perfect Search Media is now a Google Premier Partner!

Your (Mostly) Ultimate Guide to Food Delivery Apps

Open your fridge and only see condiments with questionable expiration dates? Get food delivered. It’s a rainy day and you won’t dare leave your apartment? Get food delivered. Hitting a wall at work and need a lunchtime pick-me-up? Get food delivered. There’s an easy answer to all of these …

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