Components of a Successful Marketing Agency Reporting Call

Communication is the most important aspect of working with a marketing agency.

It’s how you ensure you’re not wasting any ad spend and getting the optimal performance from your ad campaigns.

How to Use Paid Search to Capture Customers

Paid search ads are still the best way to capture people who already have an interest in the product or service that your business provides. There are many benefits to using search advertising, including getting quick results and traffic to your website, building brand awareness, and capturing …

Why Your Business Needs an SEO Competitor Analysis

Every business owner understands the importance of knowing your competitors and what they are doing well or not well within your industry. But, how does that translate online? And what does that mean for their organic presence online?

Harnessing the Viral Power of TikTok

With its explosive growth and wide range of content, TikTok may seem like the Wild West of marketing. But the video-sharing app’s potential is huge. First, let’s go over the stats. Then, use these three strategies to introduce your brand into the world of TikTok – you might even see yourself go …

Accepting Challenges as An Entrepreneur

In the summer of 2007, I was hired by a, a sports merchandise retailer, to manage their Google Adwords account.  I couldn’t have imagined that within 3 years I would be promoted to head of all advertising while simultaneously launching my own company, Perfect Search. Yet, there I was …

Everything You Need to Know About SEO & COVID-19

Here at Perfect Search, we’ve been taking notes on how the current global pandemic has affected SEO and what you can do to combat problems that have arisen as a result of the current crisis. We’ve compiled solutions and information on just about everything you need to know about how COVID-19 is …

The Hidden Benefits of Choosing A Smaller Agency

We’ve all heard the phrase “bigger is better.”  We tend to like big ideas, and if you’re me, a large diet Coke’s at Mickey D’s is pure pleasure (why does it always taste better at McDonald’s?!?!?). While this phrase is true in many cases, i.e. bigger bank account, it’s not always a universally …

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